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SCIF – Supporting Children Initiative Foundation at Volunteer Work Nepal is a small orphanage in Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal. A non-profit social organisation, we house 13 orphans. Our orphans are cared for by a house manager and 1 staff(Ms. Neela), who take minimal wages and help with the children, tutoring, cooking, and cleaning.

Aged from 8 to 16 years old, the children expenditures are fully funded by a group of friends which constantly changes, a core member of the group, and the orphanage’s volunteer work program.

SCIF at Volunteer Work Nepal was first conceptualized by the brother cum house manager of the crippled lady. He started out with caring for only 4 orphans and his sister. Over the years, the number of orphans gradually grew to the 13 children we have today. To get a detailed insight into our orphans, please view our children’s profile.

Our dreams and goals for these children is to put them through university, so that they can get a decent job, and maybe even migrate in the future.

Our main role in ensuring this happens?

Providing shelter, sufficient food, clothing, a good education, love, and care to these kids (and perhaps more in the future if we can afford to take them in) in hopes that these children will be a beacon of light to the less fortunate children in the future.

How can you help?

  • We need volunteers to visit us and help tutor the children, communicate with them and give them a bigger perspective of the world, perhaps teach them a new skill, and give them some much deserved love.
  • All forms of donations are welcome too, as we do run out of stationary such as exercise books, pens, pencils, colour pencils, crayons, erasers, and paint quite often. The older ones in high school will appreciate some new geometry equipment too, as they advance in mathematics.
  • Food stuffs will be great too! Feeding 14 mouths can be quite expensive no matter how thrifty we try to be, so rice grains, biscuits, cooking oil, fruits, and Milo will be much appreciated! And if you’re willing to go all out, some meat will be great too as we can only afford to buy ourselves chicken once a week as meat is really pricey in Nepal!
  • Clothings are more than welcome as we have 4 seasons a year and the children do grow up quite fast – and winter is especially taxing as they need to bundle up because our home is not heated.
  • And if you are willing, all cash donations are definitely appreciated!

Lend a hand, make a donation

Our long term plan is to make SCIF | Volunteer Work Nepal a fully self sustainable one, by linking them to Eyes On Nepal – a Nepal Local Tour Operator owned by one of our full time supporters.

This is an especially important step for us as some of our children are challenged in their studies despite trying extremely hard, hence we are creating job opportunities for them when they graduate from school so that they will be able to support themselves in the future; and perhaps even continue the legacy of the orphanage they once grew up in.

Where is Our Exact Location?

SCIF – Volunteer Work Nepal is located at Kirtipur-06, Chovar, Kathmandu, Nepal.  If you coming from Kathmandu Town towards Bhaisepati and then to Dakshinkali Temple, you will find our house on your way. 

Here is our exact location: SCIF | Volunteer Work Nepal

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