Child Profile | Anuradha Singh Dhami (Girl) | DOB: 25th March 2013

Child Profile | Anuradha Singh Dhami (Girl) | DOB: 25th March 2013
  • Name: Anuradha Singh Dhami
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 25th March 2013
  • Home Address: Jajarkot
  • School: Shree Shubhakamana Academy.
  • Grade: Class 5
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Admission Date to SCIF Nepal: April 2018
  • Family Background:

Anuradha and Anjana are sisters. Their father passed away in 2016, and their mother remarried. As she did not wish to bring children from her previous marriage into her new family, their mother left Anuradha and Anjana with neighbours.

The two children were not properly cared for and never had a chance to attend school while under the neighbours’ care. They only began their formal education once they entered SCIF MBI Nepal. Both are able to read in English now, although they still struggle with daily conversation in English. Nevertheless, they are both enthusiastic and fast learners.

Anuradha is a dreamy girl with her head in the clouds most of the time, and is like a fairy child that only touches down on earth once in a while.

  • Interests: Anuradha’s wish is to be a teacher when she grows up.

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