Child Profile | Bhuvan Shahi (Boy) | DOB: 25 October 2003

Child Profile | Bhuvan Shahi (Boy) | DOB: 25 October 2003
  • Name: Bhabindra (Bhuwan) Shahi
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 25 October 2003
  • Home Address: Dolpa
  • School: Shree Tuadaha College
  • Grade: Class 12
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Admitted Date in SCIF Nepal: December 2016
  • Family Background:

Bhuwan is from a remote village of Nepal. In his village there is neither hospital nor school. He needs to walk for 2 hours to get to his school in another village. And as he has spinal cord injuries, he is not able to walk long distances.

When his father passed away, his mother was not able to take care of him. When we first found him, there wasn’t even food in his house as his mother was too poor. Due to poverty, he was then cast away from his home – and this is when we took him into our home. Bhuwan is a very loving boy, and is the big brother to all the children in the house.

Although he has multiple disabilities that makes him slow in learning, Bhuwan tries his best to catch up. He has been known to still be studying when all the other children have gone to sleep at 9pm, and be the first one up in the morning at 5.30am to continue studying. He is one of the most hardworking person in her life admin has ever seen. What he cannot accomplish with talent, he makes up for with pure determined effort.

  • Interests: Bhuwan will continue to be a social worker at SCIF Orphanage in the future. We plan to let him take over the orphanage and continue the legacy of helping orphaned children.

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