Child Profile | Hemraj Shahi (Boy) | DOB: 17th April 2010

Child Profile | Hemraj Shahi (Boy) | DOB: 17th April 2010
  • Name: Hemraj Shahi
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 17th April 2010
  • Home Address: Jajarkot
  • School: Shree Shubhakamana Academy.
  • Grade: Class 8
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Admission Date to SCIF Nepal: December 2016
  • Family Background: 

Hemraj hails from a remote village of Nepal where there is neither education nor healthcare institutions. His father passed away in 2014, and his mother is a cripple. She is very old, and is unable to walk. Hemraj does have an older brother, but he is currently in prison at this point of writing.

With no one left to take care of him, we brought Hemraj to SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal. Prior to entering our home, Hemraj has never been to school before. He first began his formal education only in 2017.

Hemraj is another one of the brighter boys in the house. He is playful, intelligent, and sociable. He is also very helpful, and integrates well with the other children; and enjoys studying and playing with them. Despite starting his studies late, he scores in his examinations with flying colours.

  • Interests: Hemraj is a very intelligent boy with an eye for details. His dream is to be a pilot or scientist when he grows up.

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