Child Profile | Meghraj Oli (Boy) | DOB: 17th August 2006

Child Profile | Meghraj Oli (Boy) | DOB: 17th August 2006
  • Name: Meghraj Oli
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 17th August 2006
  • Home Address: Salyan
  • School: Gyankunja College.
  • Grade: Class 12
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Admission Date to SCIF Nepal: April 2017
  • Family Background:

Meghraj is a true orphan, whom is father passed away in 2010 and his mother in 2016. Both passed away due to illnesses. His grandmother then tried to take care of him, but as she was too old, she was not able to do this very well.

As a result, Meghraj did not attend school. He would spend his days wandering around the village or going fishing at the river. When we found him, we brought him into our house to give him a proper home, education, love, and family.

Meghraj is a true Leo with the spirit of a daredevil, the cheek of an imp, and the intelligence of a genius. He has so much love for all the children and is a very non-judgmental kid, doling out scoldings and hugs in equal amounts where they are deserved.

An extremely reliable boy, even the adults have come to realise that they can depend on him. He also has a strong and solid personality that automatically commands respect.

A very intelligent boy, Meghraj progressed from not even knowing his alphabets at all when we first brought him into our home in the year 2017, to attending 7th grade in 2019 and solving algebra problems like a pro. He now reads English text like a bored pro rushing to catch a train while fully comprehending every word, and speaks decent English.

  • Interests: Meghraj wishes to be an engineer when he grows up. With his intelligence, we have very high hopes for him.

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