Child Profile | Pasang Tamang (Boy) | DOB: 16th October 2006

Child Profile | Pasang Tamang (Boy) | DOB: 16th October 2006
  • Name: Bijaya (Pasang) Tamang
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 16th October 2006
  • Home Address: Kakani, Nuwakot
  • School: Shree Shubhakamana Academy.
  • Grade: Class 8
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Admission Date to SCIF Nepal: November 2017
  • Family Background:

Pasang and Dolma are siblings. Their father died due to unknown reasons, and their mother went to UAE to work and left them with their grandmother since 2016 (after Nepal’s disastrous earthquake). She has never returned. And as they did not have a phone, they were unable to find out what happened to their mother. We managed to contact their mother after much effort, and discovered that she is unable to return to Nepal due to conflicts with her employer and problems with her visa.

Their grandmother is an old and alcoholic woman who can’t take care of them. Drunk by day, their grandmother does not prepare proper food for them in the night.

Pasang and Dolma attended a government school in Kakani before we brought them into SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal. Half starved, they were unable to attend school regularly as the school was too far for them to travel to alone. Their house had no running water, electricity, food, or any form of basic facilities. Pasang and Dolma were wounded and dirty. They only got to shower between once a month to once every 6 months. When we first brought them in, we had to put in a lot of effort into curing their wounds and ensuring that they recover.

Pasang is however quite well now and is a highly intelligent boy. He excels in his studies, and enjoys going to school. Good at painting and drawing, he also has a natural talent for dancing. He can break dance like a professional hip hop dancer and enjoys learning new moves. We plan to raise funds to send him to a professional dance school

Pasang loves his sister very much, and enjoys teasing her. While amusing to watch, Dolma however does not find it quite so funny. 😀

NOTE: He is a smaller size as compared to other children his age, due to malnutrition during his childhood. While he is healthy and eating well now, he is still a little bit on the small side.

  • Interests: Pasang says that he wishes to be a driver or a policeman when he grows up. We are however going to send him to dance school and see if he changes his mind, and he is truly talented in dancing and really enjoys dancing.

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