Child Profile | Rakesh Budha (Boy) | DOB: 15th July 2011

Child Profile | Rakesh Budha (Boy) | DOB: 15th July 2011
  • Name: Rakesh Budha
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 15th July 2011
  • Home Address: Jajarkot
  • School: Shree Shubhakamana Academy.
  • Grade: class 6
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Admission Date to SCIF Nepal: April 2018
  • Family Background:

Rakesh comes from a remote village of Nepal, and is the child of an unmarried couple. His father is from the far western part of Nepal, and his mother is from the mid western part. Rakesh’s parents were in love and had Rakesh – but without marrying. As sex before marriage is a taboo in Nepal, his parents went MIA after Rakesh’s birth, abandoning him with an uncle. And due to his origins, Rakesh is also rejected by the Nepali society, and his village.

Eventually, due to poverty, his mother’s brother could not keep him either. Hence, we took him into our orphanage at SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal.

Rakesh is a quiet and unassuming boy. He is one of the most well behaved child in the house, and is very hardworking when it comes to his studies.

  • Interests: Studying is one of Rakesh’s only interests. He is very hardworking, and dreams of being a pilot .

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