Sandra Milena | Stayed 1 Week | Feb 19th 2018

Sandra Milena | Stayed 1 Week | Feb 19th 2018

Dear Family,

I am really glad to have this experience with you. Although, it was a short time what I am bringing in my heart will remain much for than the time I really spent with you. It was lovely to meet you and see the children become good people. You help me to make this place also my home with your family. I hadn’t have too much experiences as a volunteer. However this one has inspired me a lot to keep helping a bit. I would love to keep in touch and know about the evolution of the children. They are lucky to have this beautiful family and hopefully more doors will be open for them and for all of you.

Hope to see you again.

Best Wishes,
Sandra Milena
From Colombia
March 13th , 2018


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