Sponsor our Children’s Medical Fees

Sponsor our Children’s Medical Fees

SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal Needs Sponsors for our Children’s Medical Fees


SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal is a non-profit organisation that runs on small time private donors and sponsors. Obtaining emergency funds, children medical insurance, and first aid equipment is as such difficult.

As children will be children, they do fall sick randomly. Some of them have skin problems and scalp problems too, and while ill afforded, we can still bear their medical fees.

But while we do our utmost to ensure our children’s safety, emergency situations are a huge concern for us as we are not financially prepared – which can be crucial for our children. While we are fortunate that our children have not met with any unfortunate accidents thus far, their lack of medical insurance is still a huge concern for us.

With sufficient fundings set aside, the orphans at SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal will be able to rest easy in case of any medical emergency.


If you feel called to, please contact us if you would like to sponsor our children’s medical fees. You can otherwise drop us a one time donation here. Every dollar helps!


* Featured image sourced from MIMS Today

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