Sponsor Rental of Our Children Home.

Sponsor Rental of Our Children Home.

SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal Sponsor Rental of our Home

We have been running our orphanage at rental house since we established orphanage. Rental also one of the most important basic expenses for us. Our children need house with proper clean rooms and other facilities. Our current house is bigger than previous house which have 15 rooms with compound and play space for our children. We have Boys rooms, girls’ rooms, kitchen, dining, medical room, function room, library, office, store, staff rooms and prayer rooms. We have mini garden as well. We need pay NPR. 66,000.00 (507.00USD) per month rental for the whole house. We are really looking for sponsorship for the rental.

We are hoping to get sponsors for our house rental.

If you feel called to, please contact us if you would like to sponsor our rental expenses. You can otherwise drop us a one time donation here. Every dollar helps!

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