Nepal Orphanage – A Typical Holiday in SCIF Kathmandu

Nepal Orphanage – A Typical Holiday in SCIF Kathmandu

A typical day at the SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal orphanage can be really variated, especially during school holidays.


For a typical school day at SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal, visit our One Day Volunteer Work in Kathmandu, Nepal page!


On school holidays, anything goes!


The day still starts at 6am, where our children wake up, tidy up their rooms, wash their faces and brush their teeth. They then have breakfast at about 7.30am – depending on the menu, they sometimes have bread and eggs or a couple of biscuits with milk or milo.


Thereafter, it’s fun time the entire day!


If we are lucky and have been getting some generous donors, our children get to visit places. We try to bring them to local tourist attractions which their country is famous for, but which they rarely have the opportunity to visit due to budget restrictions.

Other times, we try to bring them out to parks or organise outdoor activities; anything that brings them out of the house and provide them with more exposure to the outside world.


SCIF Volunteer Work Nepal Orphanage Swimming


However, most times they find their own entertainment at home. Amongst their favourite activities are:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • Playing football
  • Watching TV
  • Craftwork


SCIF Nepal Orphanage Craftwork

Craftwork, by far one of the girls’ favourite past times.


A favourite past time at home and a favourite subject in school, the girls at SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal orphanage are rather talented in craftwork. For them it is not a subject, it is more of playtime. The above are just some of the items they gifted a volunteer with.


And dancing is a definite favourite with all the children. The below is just some of them dancing. The boys are rather talented in this activity as well, and some of them can even breakdance.



Interested in knowing more about our children? Come visit our orphans and volunteer in Nepal with us! We welcome all of you, especially if you can help us help them with their homework, or teach them a new dance or a new craft. 😉


Visit us at SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal. We have a couple of Volunteer packages, otherwise you can make the most of your time here by visiting some of Nepal’s most popular landmarks at the same time with these travel packages, where 100% of the profits will go to the orphanage!

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