Haatiban Resort Day Hike & Picnic Day

Haatiban Resort Day Hike & Picnic Day

Haatiban Resort Day Hike or we called it “SCIF Picnic Day Out” was long-awaited by the kids since 3 months.

Due to financial constraint, we could not bring the kids out from the house for months, they have been asking us for months on every Saturday(which is their school off day), and today – which is the 1st day of school holiday for 15 days Dashain Festival in Nepal, we brought them to Hattiban Resort for the Haatiban Resort Day Hike & picnic. We have a really good day with a lot of laughter and joys.

We spent 8000 NPR (USD 70) on transportation from SCIF Nepal to Haatiban Resort and foods are prepared from home. We spent another 2000 NPR (USD 17) to buy coke, juices and some snacks for the kids to add on the joys of picnic.

This is a luxury day for all of us. We appreciate the day out and kids are really happy today. Finally they can run freely in the nature.

We need more cash and donation from public to do this kind of outdoor activities more.

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