Spinal Cord Injury Patient needs to travel 600 km on a wheel chair with urinary incontinence

Spinal Cord Injury Patient needs to travel 600 km on a wheel chair with urinary incontinence

Prajola , 30 years old, who are staying in SCIF since 2016, finally fully recovered from the bed sores after two months hospitalized in GP Hospital Pokhara, Nepal. We decide to send her back to her village at Bhalakcha- 6, Kharkot, Rukum, which located 600km away from SCIF Nepal.

We are writing to ask for sponsors for the travel expenses as we can’t afford the traveling expenses which we list down as per below:

We are planning to send her by flight if we can get enough donations:

** She will be accompanied by a helper as she needs help along the whole journey as she needs to be on wheel chair at whole time and she is suffering from urinary incontinence.

  1. Flight tickets from Kathmandu to Rukum for 2 person = 16000 NPR
  2. Taxi Charges from SCIF Nepal to Kathmandu Airport = 1000 NPR
  3. 4×4 wheel Jeep from Rukum airport to Prajola’s house = 4000 NPR
  4. Expenses for clothes & medicines for Prajola = 5000 NPR
  5. Return Bus & Meal expenses for helper from Rukum to Kathmandu = 2000 NPR

TOTAL needed to send Prajola home will be at 28 000 NPR which is USD 260.


  1. There are no local buses/ vehicles from Rukum airport to Kharkot Village which is around 2 hours away on a bumpy roads. Normal vehicle or taxi can’t travel on that off roads.
  2. SCIF is going to move to a smaller house in March as we can’t afford the expensive rental currently which is at 65000 NPR per month ( USD 600) . Another reason for SCIF Nepal to move our house is due to we don’t have underground water in the house’s compounds and we need to spend around USD 200 to USD 250 per month in purchasing water from water lorries.
  3. Our new house does not have wheelchair access environment and will be much smaller as rental will be cheaper. We can’t keep Prajola in the house thus we are sending her back to her village after successful surgery. She will stay with her sister and mother in Kharkot, Rukum.

Below are some pictures of Prajola house conditions in the village. If we get extra cash, we will help her to build a better staying environment in her village.

road to prajola house
Prajola house
Prajola house condition
Prajola house condition 2

You can donate via credit card or paypal at this link –

Or, you can donate to our organization as per below:

Account name: Supporting Children Initiative Foundation MBI Nepal
Account number: 0141502880524001
Bank address : Tripureswar Branch Kathmandu
Swift code: NICENPKA


Account name : Basanta Nepali
Account number: 8507010001883
Swift code: GLBBNPKA
Bank name : Global IME Bank (Nakkhu Branch)

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