Set up library in orphanage house Nepal

Set up library in orphanage house Nepal

A small library (reading corner) was set up and a mini workshop is organized. The mini workshop is related to some science experiments, lesson about personal hygiene and lessons about making life easier. The whole project was successfully organized with the supports from Kriyaid and her 3 friends. The participants are our children from SCIF Nepal.

Normally, children they don’t have study habits. They love to play games, mobile games and watching movies and cartoon on television than to study books. These things too much are not really good for them.  When they have school holidays, they love to these things in whole days. It’s not good for our children also. So that we wanted to make reading habits to our children instead of playing too much games. Reading habit is always knowledgeable for everyone. Our children are also making reading habit by reading books from our new library now. It also helps to our children to improve in their study too.

And   other hands , Our children  were really  happy  and interested  to join  in mini workshop about how does rain falls?, lessons about  personal hygiene and about saving  money in our life.  They got experience about these things and they have participated in all the activities.    

We are really thankful with   KRIYAID SINGAPORE and Volunteers from KRIYAID   for creating and for set up such a nice project for our children. We are sure that this project will be useful in future too. We would like to share with our supporters, volunteers and visitors, If someone is interested to do any kinds of projects or mini –workshop which may useful for our children. Please let us know we will be really happy to collaborate with you. You can contact us any time for inquiries. Thank you!        

Project /workshop run date:  09th December to 14th December 2019

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