SCIF Nepal current address year 2020 | We have moved our house to Kirtipur on 17 March 2020

SCIF Nepal current address year 2020 | We have moved our house to Kirtipur on 17 March 2020

SCIF NEPAL CURRENT ADDRESS – Why we moved in to new house?

We have moved to a new house on 17 March 2020 from previous location at Lalitpur-18, Nakkhu. Our current address of our new house is located in Kirtipur-06, Chovar, Kathmandu, Nepal, on the way to Dakshinkali Temple close to dry port. CLICK HERE For the location MAP.

The new house meets our basic requirements to run orphanage / child care home in Nepal in accordance with Nepalese Law – CLICK here to READ in FULL.

The rental contract for our previous house was supposed to expire by April end and there was the possibility of increase in rental fees with a new contract. Ten percent rental increase every two years is a policy in Nepal. This meant we could be paying NPR 72000.00 (700 USD) per month instead of NPR 65000.00 (600 USD). Unable to pay this amount, we decided not to renew the contract.

Secondly there were not enough rooms since as our children grow up, they will need more space. This has clearly been reflected Nepal’s Orphanage/ Child care operation procedure.

Our new house has enough rooms and playground space to accommodate children. There is also a parking area and a small vegetable garden. Built with 3.5 floors, the house has fourteen rooms, four bathrooms including nice kitchen and dining room. Everyone can now sleep in single bed and one room will accommodate maximum 4 children. We have a balcony and roof top on the top which we will use for sun bathing in winter and for drying clothes. Our lovely kids are so happy to settle in the new house.

The rental for our new house is NPR 60000 (545 USD) per month which is relatively cheaper. Water is easily available here which is a big saving for us. Previously we used to spent a fortune in procuring water. Now we just need to pay around 20 USD per month for water to be used for shower, washing clothes, cleaning etc.

At the moment our children are divided into two schools. Nine younger ones are studying in a private school and four seniors in a government school. The smaller children are having to take a bus as the school is quite far away while four older ones will soon have to graduate to secondary standard. In their interests, we are planning to shift all of them to a new school which is nearby, about 15 minutes walk away.

Meanwhile we are occupied in setting up hot water facility, repairing bathroom leakage etc in the new house

We would like to offer our gratitude and big thanks to our sponsors and volunteers who have supported us every step of the way. We hope you will continue to support and encourage us in coming days.

Thank you!

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