Need help to survive the winter 2020

Need help to survive the winter 2020

A small orphanage in Nepal need helps to survive the winter 2020 with cash of USD 1353 to buy solar water heater, winter shoes and gloves, blanket covers, bed sheets and pillow cover, water dispenser, and we need cash to pay the school online fees of 60 000 NPR too.

At the beginning of November 2020, the cold season starts in Nepal. So, we urgently needed some materials for the house. Please kindly support us to buy following materials for our children and house.

  1. Solar water heater – Since we moved to our current house in March 2020, we do not have the hot water system installed for spring and autumn. Winter arrived, and our children need the hot water to take the shower. The children need to shower twice a week during the winter. The price to install hot water system will be NPR 54,000 (USD 470)
  2. Winter shoes and woolen gloves – We need warm shoes and gloves during winter.. We don’t have AC in the house. In the morning and evening, the temperature can drop to 0 degree or even minus in Kathmandu Valley. We need winter shoes and woolen gloves to survive the cold. The cost of winter shoes and gloves per person will be NPR 500 (USD4.34)
  3. Blanket covers – We need thicker blankets during winter season. If we could keep cover on it, will be warmer and will be also easy to wash when it’s get dirty. The cost of per cover will be NPR 1200 (USD10.43).
  4. Bed sheets and pillow covers – Most of the bed sheet and pillow covers in the house have been almost damaged. Those we bought some years ago. We need to buy new bed sheets and pillow’s cover which is important for the good sleep. The cost of one pair bed sheet and pillow’s cover will be NPR 1000 (USD8.69).
  5. Water dispenser – Our children drink hot and warm water every time during winter season which is very good to drink for cough and cold. We have bought water thermos many time but damaged soon. If we have a dispenser, will be durable and easy to use also. The cost of water dispenser will be NPR 3,000 (USD 26).
  6. School online lesson fees – Due to covid-19 pandemic children haven’t been going to school physically but they have been learning thorough online classes. It has been running effectively since June 2020 in Nepal. Our children are doing well from the home in their study. Our children’s school is asking us to pay minimum monthly fees of each child for virtual learning. The minimum fee of per child per month is NPR 1500 (USD 13.04)

We need the total of USD 1353 as per below summary:

Any amount would be very generous and helpful for us.

You can donate via credit card or paypal at this link –

Or, you can donate to our organization as per below:

Account name: Supporting Children Initiative Foundation MBI Nepal
Account number: 0141502880524001
Bank address : Tripureswar Branch Kathmandu
Swift code: NICENPKA


Account name : Basanta Nepali
Account number: 8507010001883
Swift code: GLBBNPKA
Bank name : Global IME Bank (Nakkhu Branch)

Or you can contact us on +9779861304486 to donate any amount to our Esewa (ID =9861304486).

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