Taudaha Lake & Sikali Temple One Day Tour

Taudaha Lake & Sikali Temple One Day Tour

Taudaha Lake & Sikali Temple One Day Tour makes our children the happiest kids for a day.

Taudaha Lake is a small lake in the outskirts of Kathmandu, in Nepal. The name comes from a combination of Newari words ‘Ta’, meaning snake and ‘Daha’, which means lake.


Taudaha Lake is 5km away from Kathmandu valley, and the lake is only 10 minutes walking distance from SCIF House. There is a small entrance fees of 30NPR per visitor, however, we were offered to visit the lake at “FOC”, thus, we organized this Taudaha Lake & Sikali Temple One Day walking tour for the children.

Sikali Temple is located at the Sanofi Khokana bank of the Bagmati river. The children needs to cross a suspension bridge to get to the temple and back from the Taudaha Lake.

Sikali Temple is 1km away from the Taudaha Lake, and it is around 20 minutes walking distance from the lake. Visitors of Sikali Temple pray at the Sikali Temple to remove the bad luck from the human life with Goddess Kali.


There are a lot of first-time experiences for the children since 24 March 2020.

  • This is the first outdoor activity as a group. Thus, we took a lot of group photos during the visits. For almost a year, the kids were locked down in SCIF home to stay away from the corona virus.
  • This is the time the children eating outside of the SCIF house since 24 March 2020. Total expenses is 2000 NPR which is USD 17.20. We managed to provide each child a plate of ‘Momo” and each child a Coke. The children were really happy.
  • This is the first time the children walk outside of the house for more than 5km. It is a day to stretch the muscles.
  • This is the first time for the kids to see real swimming fishes in the lake.

At Taudaha lake, visitors love to feed the fishes. We believe that God will be happy and we are happy to worship the Nagraja-Nagrani. (Snake God and Snake Goddess) . Visitors visit the lake to see the birds too. This place is not only holy lake but also the best winter migrating wetland bird watching place.

Children are posing in by the Taudaha Lake
Group Photo at Sikali Temple

Sincerely, we would like to thanks to all our volunteers, sponsors and donors. Specially thanks to our main donors:

  1. Serlyn Lee , she has been supporting personally since day 1.
  2. On Tour Malaysia, Eyes on Nepal and Nice Tour Bali – Angie who are still managing our FB, Instagram, Website contents etc.
  3. Siri Abrahamsen , Aakriti Pandey and Annda Mishra etc.

Thanks for the donations. Monthly expenses of the house every month is at USD 1300 to USD 1800. We still need more cash donations to provide better for the kids.

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