A Special Greeting to the Children!

A Special Greeting to the Children!

Hello Namaste,

Thank you so much family for these amazing weeks; we have stayed with you. The experience has been wonderful and I have learned a lot about Nepal and your culture. We hope you could remember the time I spent playing football at roof or the day in the zoo. A special greeting to the children , because they made this adventure unforgettable and I will always remember what I live with them . Finally, I would like to say thank you to Lila for the moment , we laughs together and the care. I wish you all the best and much happiness with love.

VICTORIA | From SPAIN | Date visited: 9th September, 2017

NOTES: She stayed in the house for 7 days with the children. She brought the children to the Nepal Zoo and bore all the expenses of the day. For this, we are extremely grateful to her and give her a big Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. And while staying with us, she also helped with all the house work, children’s homework, meals, and cleaning.


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