Sponsor Our Monthly Water Usage

Sponsor Our Monthly Water Usage

SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal Needs Sponsors for our Monthly Water Usage


According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, water is a basic necessity. It is necessary for our basic survival, for drinking, cooking, showering, and keeping clean.

Unfortunately, while Nepal has the second largest reservoir of natural water reserves in the world, clean running water is still a luxury in Nepal. Our people need to purchase water at ridiculous prices via water tanks that make their rounds daily, and most of the houses still do not come with water pipes. This is common even in our main cities.

When we just moved into our new house at SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal in Kathmandu valley, we had insufficient water in the house for a month as we had no water tank. Our children were not allowed to take their showers even in summer, due to insufficient water. Only after a month did we manage to raise enough funds to buy a large water storage tank.


Washing Clothing in Nepal SCIF Orphanage

Our orphans washing their clothing


Needless to say we were all extremely grateful for this new water storage tank. The cost of the water is however another huge concern, as it costs us NPR1,500 per day – which translates to about USD15 a day or USD450 a month. This is with very careful usage, where we use the water only for cooking, drinking, washing our clothing, and taking showers.

As a cost cutting measure, we now allow our children to bath only twice a week. With this, we have managed to cut down our water usage to USD200 a month. This is however not healthy for our children, and some of them have developed skin rash problems and scalp issues.

We are hoping to get sponsors for our water usage, so that our children can bath daily again.


If you feel called to, please contact us if you would like to sponsor our water usage. You can otherwise drop us a one time donation here. Every dollar helps!

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