Hemali Patel from US| One Day Volunteering on 9 Nov 2019

Hemali Patel from US| One Day Volunteering on 9 Nov 2019

My time with the kids at SCIF, while short, was very special. After volunteering at other schools in Nepal and being disappointed by the operations, I was happily surprised by SCIF and the care taken to ensure each child feels supported and loved. The first thing I noticed upon my arrival was how disciplined the kids were. There was a chore chart that helped dictate who was supposed to help with food, clean up, etc. — teaching the kids the basic skills so that one day they can be independent. I also noticed how much they respected their belongings, lining up to shine their shoes as soon as they got home from school. Lastly & most importantly, I felt a sense of true family from the kids and staff at SCIF. You would see the older kids helping the younger ones with their homework (unprompted) and others making sure their brother or sister next to them was eating. It’s remarkable and the kids are so impressive! I hope to keep coming back and I hope they know they have another Didi in me. 

Sincerely, Hemali Patel From USA (One day volunteering on 09-11-2019)

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