Celebrated Christmas in Nepal (year 2020)

Celebrated Christmas in Nepal (year 2020)

We have still covid-19 risk here in Nepal. So, we don’t go out from the home except the emergency. We didn’t allow the any gathering, outing, and celebration in the house due to Covid-19 risk.

Any way we had a very joyful Christmas 2020. We celebrated Christmas in Nepal (year 2020) at home with sharing some surprise gifts and having the delicious lunch party had ordered with our children and staff. We had ordered lunches from the restaurant for the Christmas party. The day of Christmas celebration was more special. Christmas gifts and lunch party were sponsored by one of our volunteering partner KriyaiD SINGAPORE.

The children were so happy and thankful for the nice gifts and lunch party. They had performed some dances sharing gift each other. It was really great moment for us.

We would like to say really thank you to Kriyaid SG for sharing and making our Christmas more special. We have been also conducting the online lesson for our children with collaboration of KriyaiD volunteers during the lockdown and Covid-19 Pandemic. We hope you all also enjoyed the Christmas 2020.

We would like to appeal you all for your kind support and to collaborated in our project and activities. It would be really great work with you and your kind donation will be great support on the behalf our children and organization. We will be really appreciated for your any kind of support.

Here, some photos took on 25th December 2020.

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