Volunteer Work in Nepal, Kathmandu – Tutoring Children

Volunteer Work in Nepal, Kathmandu – Tutoring Children

Interested in volunteer work in Nepal, Kathmandu? We need volunteers to come to our house at SCIF Volunteer Work Nepal, to help our children with their homework. This includes tutoring them in the English language, mathematics, and drawing.

What does “Volunteer Work in Nepal, Kathmandu – Tutoring Children” encompass?

Sunday to Friday (Saturdays are Nepali weekends)

Our children come back from school by 4pm, and begin doing their homework by 4.30pm until 6pm. For their full daily schedule, kindly refer to our One Day Volunteering Work in Nepal program.

How to get to SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal?

OPTION A: Kindly drop us an email or call us to let us know what time you would like to come. It is especially easy to get to SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal if you’re coming from Thamel, Kathmandu. You can grab a cab to Nakhu, Nepal Mediciti Hospital, and then give us a call when you are near. We will walk out to the hospital to get you, as our orphanage is located very near the hospital. The taxi fare from Thamel to Nepal Medicity Hospital will cost you approximately USD6 (NPR600).

OPTION B: Drop us a call or email on your preferred date and time of visit, and we will get one of our staff to pick you up from your hotel/current location via cab. Kindly note that you will need to bear the cost of the taxi fare, which will be pricier in Option B as compared to Option A, because the cab will need to get our staff from the orphanage first.

How can you further assist the orphanage besides tutoring our children?

Our house is running on very tight funds as our daily living expenses are very high. This includes our cost for house rental, food, water, electricity, internet, school fees, and all the miscellaneous. Do note that water is especially expensive in Nepal if we want clean water, and our orphanage’s water bill is never lower than USD200 monthly – and this is with our children saving cost by taking their showers only twice a week.

Our children are also generally on a vegan diet which we further subsidise cost by planting our own vegetables, and twice a week we give them eggs. While their diet ensures that they grow up healthy, we are following this diet out of pure necessity due to tight fundings. We try to give them meat whenever we can (which they go crazy for), but this is a very rare treat.

Thus if able, when you come visit us, we will really appreciate it if you can bring us food stuffs. Everything is appreciated: fruits, vegetables, rice, eggs, chicken. And if you want to give our children an incredibly rare treat, KFC will do it. 

Do however note that whether you bring anything or not, we welcome you with open arms; and you are more than welcome to join us for our meals.

For a longer term volunteering program at our orphanage, do check out our One Day Volunteering Work in Nepal program.

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