Dashain in Nepal |15 days of joys and laughter!

Dashain in Nepal |15 days of joys and laughter!

Dashain in Nepal year 2020 falls on 25 Oct 2020.

Dashain in Nepal last for 15 days. During these festival times – children are the happiest creatures in the world – they will get new clothes, gifts, a lot of foods, visiting to places,

This stories is about our Dashain 2019 – We called it Tika Day or generally known as Vijayadashami (8th Oct 2019). Today is the day the elder give tikas(blessings) to the younger. Normally, the parents will give blessing to the sons/daughters. In orphanage house, we have Angie and Siddartha to give blessings to these kids. Please note Angie and Siddartha are operating Eyes on Nepal, and they have been supporting and helping the house since beginning. Children love them. They are part of our big family.

Children are expecting Dashain since long times and this year, we managed to buy Kurtis (what the girls are wearing = Kurtis) for all the girls. The Kurtis(s) costed a bomb to us and this is the first time in 3 years – since ever SCIF is established we managed to provide this luxury to the girls this year. God Blessed!

Some pictures during our Dashain Tika Day 2019..

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