Dependent Profile | Lady with Spinal Cord Injury | Prajwala B.K.

Dependent Profile | Lady with Spinal Cord Injury | Prajwala B.K.
  • Name: Prajwala B.K.
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 14th May 1990
  • Home Address: Rukum
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Admission Date to SCIF MBI Nepal: July 2016
  • Family Background:

Prajwala is the lady with spinal cord injury. She fell down from a big tree when she was 13 years old, in her village. She was helping her family to cut foliage for their domestic animals, when this accident occurred.

Hailing from a remote part of Nepal, there was no hospital that could treat her, nor school that had the facilities to educate a crippled child. Hence her education stopped in the primary level.

Prajwala’s parents brought her to many hospitals in Nepal, but no doctor was able to cure her. Her father finally gave up and brought her back home. She lived a difficult life at home too, as there was no wheelchair access anywhere for her. And as she is paralysed from waist down, she began suffering from bedsores.

Every time her conditioned worsened, her father would bring her to a hospital in Pokhara – and upon getting better she would go home, where again her condition would worsen. This cycle continued for many years, from the time Prajwala was 13 years old.

Finally in the year 2017, her father who was responsible for taking care of her welfare for all those years, succumbed to stomach cancer. Since then, her bedsore problems have been worsening. Prajwala’s mother is unable to care for her, as she is old housewife with no income. And because of her many years of treatment, Prajwala’s family was in a financial crisis.

Finally, her brother Basanta, thought to establish SCIF @ Volunteer Work Nepal. He began working for children and helping people with disabilities. Her brother then brought her to Kathmandu, and Prajwala has been staying with the SCIF family since.

She is now part of the family, and gets better care than she does in her home village. While she still has bedsores and is on medication, she is much happier here. We look forward to making her life easy, and improving her health.

  • Interests: Prajwala loves reading. She also loves learning new hand skills, and learning how to use the computer when she is well.


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